What is car insurance, and how does it work?

Car insurance is a general agreement between the insurance company and the car owner. This policy works by paying premiums to the insurance company, and the company will cover the loss or damage that occurred to the car. Many countries require auto insurance el paso tx for both commercial and personal vehicles.

The common type of insurance policy

  • Third-party liability insurance covers
  • Insurance coverage that is all-inclusive

These are the two most common types of insurance policies available in most countries.

Third-party liability insurance covers

This insurance policy offers limited protection for a car accident. This type of car insurance protects you from damage caused by your vehicle to another vehicle, property, or person. This only covers third-party insurance and doesn’t cover your loss in the accident.

Insurance coverage that is all-inclusive

This type of insurance provides coverage for vehicle damage as well as coverage and compensation for the death of a driver or passenger in the vehicle.

What is covered under car insurance?

  • Body injury
  • Damage
  • Third-party property damage
  • Death

Body injuries

It covers all bodily injuries sustained in an accident involving the insured vehicle. This aids in the payment of the patient’s medical bills.


This helps to cover the costs of damage caused by a car accident, theft, or a natural disaster such as a fire, storm, or rock fall.

Third-party property damage

This insurance policy also helps to cover the damage to third-party property involved in the accident with the insured vehicle.


It also offers coverage for the death of the person in the accident who was present in the insured vehicle or at the place of the accident.

How do you make a claim on your car insurance?

Car insurance claim can be obtained whenever you are involved in an accident with another property or any other valid incident with a property involving an insured vehicle. Here are the steps to filing an auto insurance el paso tx.

  • After the accident, contact your insurance company immediately.
  • Register a complaint about the accident with the police.
  • Submit the FIR copy and file a claim with the insurance company.
  • Note the claim reference number after the claim.
  • Submit all other additional documents required by the insurance company to make the claim.

The documents for the claim include the repair cost, medical bills, and all other expenses caused by the accident.

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